In Lisbon by Sound Tim Etchells
invites four Lisbon artists to create
an online audio project about
their city.

. Dance and performance duo Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, choreographer Vera Mantero, writer and performance maker Patrícia Portela, and Rui ‘Riot’ Pité (of Buraka Som Sistema) each create a 5 – 10 minutes sound work relating to a specific location of their choosing, somewhere in Lisbon. These works respond to the city and ask questions about how online and real world spaces can interact. The pieces will be available to download and listened to in situ at each particular location.

Alongside the commissioned sound works, four short films will be published online. Each film is a dialogue between the artist and Tim Etchells, a continuation or extension of the sound piece through reflection and discussion.


curated by
Tim Etchells e Alkantara

With projects by
Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz
Vera Mantero
Patrícia Portela
Rui ‘Riot’ Pité

Ana Teresa Ascensão

Nuno Bengalito

Comissioned by
British Council

AZO SANS by Rui Abreu